Star Wars Pop! Vinyl Bobble Heads From Funko Due 3/11

Unfortunately for my bank account I think I may have found a new collecting obsession.  I recently received an e-mail from @EntEarth about a new collectible Star Wars line from Funko.  To be honest with you, I’m glad it has taken me this long to become aware of Funko products, because everything they make fits my style of collecting.  I’ve become a big fan of the Japanese inspired deformed vinyl figures over the years, and for the most part that is the style of toy I’ve limited myself to.  I thought I was content with my complete collection of Mighty Muggs which feature the deformed style I’m speaking of, but now that I’ve been introduced to Funkos line of toys the floodgates have been opened in epic proportions!

Their new line of Star Wars Vinyl Bobble heads, which will release in March of 2011, are the cause of the cracks in my damn against toy collecting.  The moment I saw these little guys in the email I received from Entertainment Earth I knew it would become my next obsession.  I have to have them!  They’ve got the deformed look that has mesmerized me over the past couple of years, and they provide a unique spin on some popular Star Wars characters.  Darth Vader will definitely be my first pick, but I will have to get the rest which consists of: Greedo, Leia, Han, Stormtrooper, Chewie, and Yoda.  I’ve included some pictures of these beatty eyed little money suckers below.  How freaking awesome do they look?  If you screamed out loud, “Super AWESOME!” then you’re right!

New Star Wars POP! Vinyl Bobble heads from Funko

My curiosity was peeked with these SW POP! bobble heads, so I checked out some additional Funko products.  That’s when I found their line of POP Heroes, which are very similar to Mighty Muggs.  At this point I knew I was in deep sh*t.  The obsession has kicked in, and one of the main thoughts on my mind right now is scoring massive amounts of Funko vinyl deformed toys, as well as some awesomely deformed bobble heads from various Sci-Fi universes.  These are not the same bobble heads that I mentioned above either, it’s a whole other line!  AHHHHHHHHH!  MUST BUY FUNKO TOYS!

POP! Heroes

Various Funko Bobble Awesomeness

If you love the way these little guys look head on over to, or head on over to Funko’s site to see all of their wares.  Beware, if you have a collection addiction you will be sucked in like a heroin addict!  I’m planning on building my collection of Funko toys over the next few months, because I think my Wife will cut my balls off if I drop $400-$500 bucks on more toys to sit in boxes and clutter up my man cave.  Although, it is MY man cave right?  Like that actually exists in a marriage!  Hopefully I’ll score some of these soon, so keep on the lookout for more posts in regards to Funko toys.  You’ve been bitten by the collecting bug once again…

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