Star Wars Re-dubbed! Chewbacca is a Lesbian!

I’ve just watched another insane fan made Star Wars video that makes about as much sense as the cult hit ‘Next Star Wars‘ (still the best fanmade Star Wars movie of all-time), but it still made me laugh out loud like a mental patient.  The true genius to videos like these is that they’re absolutely ridiculous, and utterly make zero sense.  Some of the re-dubbed lines in the ‘Keys to the Zebra’ will make you go, “WTF did he just say? A tattoo of Jesus water boarding!? WTF for real?”

I applaud the creativeness employed by the video’s author even if it is borderline psycho-babble.  Maybe I’m the crazy one who can’t get past 3rd-grade humor, but seeing scenes from my favorite franchise re-edited in ways that George Lucas never thought possible will always make my day!  Yeah, maybe I’m just retarded.  Why don’t you decide if I indeed am special by watching this re-dubbed piece of debauchery below.  You’ve kind of thought that Chewie may be a dyke…


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