‘Star Wars Rebels” Ending May Hint at Rumored ‘Star Wars Resistance’ Project

Star Wars Rebels came to a close this week with a stellar and complete series finale episode. The ending couldn’t have been much better thanks to how tightly it tied up the major plot and character threads that the show explored over its four seasons.

The ending was highly satisfying, but the epilogue may have been the finale’s biggest treat thanks to what it possibly sets up for the Star Wars TV show universe. The epilogue featured a narration from Sabine, but it was set after the events of the Battle of Endor. During her monologue she essentially sums up her feelings of working with the Phoenix Squadron, but she also calls back to something Ezra told her before he went off to execute his heroic maneuver to thwart Thrawn’s attack on Lothal. He basically told her, I hope you figure out what you have to do, or something along those lines.

During the epilogue, Sabine references this and more or less commits to seeking him out, because she now believes that is what he meant all those years prior during Thrawn’s attack on Lothal. As soon as we hear her committing to seeking out Ezra, Ahsoka Tano shows up out of nowhere looking all stoic and badass-like, and it appears that the two head off in search of the missing Jedi.

The way this scene plays out really lends itself to setting up a new animated series that features characters we met in Rebels, who will more than likely be featured alongside fresh main characters that get established in the new series. Think of it playing out the same way Rebels did by folding in characters from The Clone Wars. Anyway, I really believe this epilogue is setting up the events that will be featured in the rumored Star Wars Resistance property.

This license is rumored to be for a new Star Wars TV project, and with the news that Jon Favreau is writing and producing a new live-action Star Wars TV show, it could be for that, or another animated show. I just find it impossible that a new animated Star Wars series won’t happen. The fact that Rebels ended after only four seasons also leads me to believe that David Filoni and his team have another big project in the works, and if he does incorporate characters from Rebels, then the epilogue from its finale makes even more sense for being a tie-in to the new show.

I mean the name Star Wars Resistance would work perfectly as a followup series for Rebels, especially considering that Rebels took us all the way through the Battle of Endor. We now know through the new Skywalker trilogy that the Resistance starts to pop up soon after the fall of the Empire, so just like Rebels did, Resistance could help fill in some gaps during the movement’s early years prior to our first introduction to them in The Force Awakens.

Plus, there’s a great chance that the Purgill’s transported Ezra and Thrawn to the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. We also know that this is where Snoke comes from, so again, the stars couldn’t be more aligned for Star Wars Resistance being a direct follow up to Star Wars Rebels, albeit featuring new characters mixed with the old. Don’t forget the reveal of Jacen Syndullah either! This pipe dream of mine just makes too much sense, so I’m hoping my speculation is at least within 12 parsecs of what Resistance will turn out to be.

This is also your final reminder that if you haven’t watched the animated Star Wars shows you’re robbing yourself of some of the best Star Wars narratives around. Both The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels featured amazing stories and really helped to flesh out moments that the films didn’t have enough time to cover. Just because they’re cartoons doesn’t mean they can’t provide great stories, so don’t shun them any longer, because you’re missing out on some fantastic Star Wars content.


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