‘Star Wars Resistance’ Easter Eggs Season 1, Episode 6 “The Children of Tehar”

The latest episode of Star Wars Resistance has debuted, so that means it’s time to break down all of the Easter eggs and Star Wars franchise references that were in it. While I wouldn’t say that “The Children of Tehar” was an Easter egg packed episode, it did feature a few small ones, as well as plenty of franchise references for the original and new Star Wars live-action trilogies.

The video above features a breakdown of the eggs and references only, so there isn’t much talk about the episode’s plot, that will be covered in a subsequent recap and review video, which will be available later today on YouTube. I counted seven in total, although, like I mentioned, I had to stretch a little bit to justify a few, but for the most part I still found something interesting about most of them. This episode definitely had a slant towards the new trilogy references, which was nice considering that the show is mostly meant to setup events that take place prior to what goes down in The Force Awakens. The eggs and references are listed below in the order that they appeared in the episode.

Star Wars Resistance: The Children of Tehar Easter Eggs and References

  1. Aunt Z bar patron is seen sporting Rebel style headgear
  2. Aunt Z’s bar has even more old trilogy era helmets on display
  3. A Nien Nunb looking Sullustan can be seen at the Colossus’ market
  4. Phasma voiced by Gwendoline Christie
  5. Kids mention Kylo Ren for the first time and talk about his laser sword from the old Jedi stories
  6. Kylo’s command ship, or one just like it is seen
  7. Ello Asty from TFA make his debut


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