‘Star Wars Resistance’ Easter Eggs Season 1, Episode 7 “Signal From Sector Six”

It wasn’t easy to come up with a solid list of Easter eggs and franchise references for the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, which was titled, “Signal from Sector six”. It wasn’t easy because there were no obvious Easter eggs, so the seven items I identified should be considered franchise references at best. I’ll admit, some of them I had to stretch on, so just bear with me on those. Others were more obvious, so I wouldn’t say the list is completely derived from my ass.

I found seven references over all, and zero direct Easter egg treats, so like I said, it was a struggle this time around. Below you can read over the seven references that I highlighted from “Signal from Sector Six”.

Star Wars Resistance: Signal from Sector Six Easter Eggs And References

  1. Kaz’s Resistance X-Wing has an Old Republic paint scheme
  2. Kaz and Poe show off their skills in an asteroid field just like Han did in Empire
  3. Poe and Kaz have light sticks like Luke did on Dagobah, the one Yoda stole
  4. Poe references rathtars, gundarks, and reeks
  5. Cowakian Monkey Lizards
  6. Sinara’s armor looks to be made up of old clone trooper and stormtrooper armor
  7. Kragan is again seeing wearing modified mudtrooper armor

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