Star Wars Resistance Season 1, Episode 16 Recap, Review, And Easter Eggs

The latest episode of Star Wars Resistance has aired, so that means it’s time to check out some videos from the Star Wars Time team, which is me and another Star Wars geek.

The episode, which is titled, “The New Trooper”, keeps the First Order plot center stage, and things are starting to get a bit contentious on the Colossus. Citizens and Doza are fed up with the occupation, but others like Tham appreciate the security the First Order brings. On top of all of this, Kaz is tasked with saving a few friends who get into trouble with the First Order, so he channels Luke and Han and sports some FO Trooper armor to go undercover to save the day.

In terms of Easter eggs and references, this episode had five total, but none were that great. Most were just references to the original trilogy, or the new trilogy, with one being an Easter egg I may have invented for the sake of having one.

You can check out the Easter egg breakdown below, and the recap and review video can be watched above.

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