Star Wars Resistance Season 1, Episode 19 Recap, Review, And Easter Eggs

I come to you from Star Wars Time land to present this week’s videos breaking down all things Star Wars Resistance. This week’s episode, which is titled, “Descent” is a good one, but I wouldn’t say that it had great Easter eggs and references. Although, in terms of how this episode moves the plot forward, it is hard to get mad about not featuring a few killer eggs, so overall it’s still a solid entry in this show’s first season.

If anything, it has shaped the story to play out at least one of my early predictions, which is that Synara would in some way help Kaz and his friends out in a time of need, and based on how this latest episode ends, I do believe it’ll pay off. On the other hand though, my Yeager prediction is looking to be a big fail, so I guess I’m batting .500, because I think it’s pretty clear now that he’s a good guy, and not a secret First Order spy like I’ve been ranting about on the Star Wars Time Show.

Head on down below to check out the Easter egg breakdown. The recap and review video is embedded above.

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