Star Wars Resistance Season 1, Episode 7 Recap And Review – “Signal from Sector Six”

If you missed our Easter eggs and franchise reference breakdown of this episode make sure to check those out, but now it’s time for a little recap and review action of Star Wars Resistance: Signal from Sector Six!

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Hey now Resistance Fans, Matt Heywood here to recap and review the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, which is titled, “Signal from Sector Six”

The episode begins with Yeager waking Kaz and informing him that he’s going on a special salvage mission, but it’s soon revealed that he’s actually meeting up with Poe Dameron for the first time since Poe left him on the Colossus to spy for the Resistance.

After changing ships mid-air, which was a pretty fun scene to watch play out, Poe and Kaz head off world to get in some good old fly boy time in their Resistance X-Wings.

After briefly discussing Doza and the First Order though, the two head off to answer a distress signal from a freighter.

When they arrive they find that some sort of beast has broken out and caused all sorts of chaos on board. They eventually discover that a bunch of Cowakian Monkey lizards have been let loose, but deep roars and groans lead them to believe that they haven’t found the true monster on board yet.

They eventually find an alien girl hiding in a crate, who the pick up and bring with them, only to realize that the monster they’ve been hearing has found them, and it’s a massive Monkey Lizard hellbent on taking them out.

They escape, fend off a pirate attack with their X-Wings, when reunite with Yeager.

Reluctantly, Yeager agrees to take the alien girl to the Colossus and get her registered. But as Kaz leaves her it’s revealed that she’s one of Kragan’s pirates working for the First Order, so Kaz and Poe essentially hooked the pirates up by getting access to the colossus for one of their own. This thread definitely isn’t over.

I really enjoyed this episode, which had great ties to the new trilogy of films, but also added a new layer to Resistance’s own narratives with the reveal that Sinara is a pirate and she now has credentials for the colossus.

It was hard not to enjoy Poe’s return, which was done perfectly by having him and Kaz go out on their own mission. Seeing the two fly X-Wings was a treat, and I have to say that Oscar Isaacs should win an award for not mailing in his voiceover role, because the guy literally gives it his all for Resistance.

Like other episodes I also appreciate the nods to the older and newer Star Wars franchises, which I’ve highlighted in a separate video.

I also appreciated the cliffhanger style ending, which built upon existing threads we’ve seen so far in terms of pirates working with the First Order to undermine the Colossus leadership group, and how Poe and Kaz’s good deed will eventually backfire on them. See, Yeager’s crotchetiness isn’t just an act, the dude knows what he knows.

Thanks for watching, Matt Heywood here for Star Wars Time, because there’s always time for Star Wars Time!


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