Star Wars Resistance: Synara’s Score Recap and Review

Star Wars fans, we have started posting our Star Wars Resistance videos and posts on, which is our new sister site that is solely dedicated to all things Star Wars. It will also be the home of the Star Wars Time podcast, which you’ve hopefully listened to on the pages of Entertainment Buddha. For now, I will share the videos from Star Wars Time on EB, but if you enjoy this content and don’t want to miss out on the new stuff, make sure to head on over to Star Wars Time and sub to our new social networks and YouTube channel!

Alright, so the full recap and review with text can be found over on Star Wars Time, but if you just want to watch the video, you can do that above. Overall, this episode did a great job at containing it’s own little story, while also adding to the show’s overarching plot. The First Order’s goal of getting a foothold on the Colossus is further fleshed out, so again, this episode is pretty solid and continues to showcase why this animated Star Wars series is worth watching.


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