We here at EB were some of the biggest Funko Pop fans in the galaxy, but our love for the line has slowly decreased over the past year due to the company’s over-saturation of the Funko Pop market. While I personally have cut out most of my Pop expenses, I still do collect the Star Wars Pops, so naturally my Smuggler’s Bounty subscription is active.

The latest box is themed after the Sith, which is a natural choice considering the previous SB box was themed around the Jedi. The contents are a mixed bag depending on what you like to see in these somewhat mystery boxes. The exclusive Pop is fantastic, and one that Star Wars fans who collect Pops have been asking for, but outside of that, the rest of the contents are ho-hum at best. It feels like Funko is starting to cram trade show floor type of crap into these boxes now, so the other items felt chincy.

You can find out what came in the box by checking out the video above. If you’re into toy photography make sure to check out my IG page, which is full of it!


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