There were a lot of new faces, and one new droid, in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer, and now there are finally names to the faces. In an exclusive reveal to Entertainment Weekly, director J.J. Abrams peeled back the curtain to reveal the names of the characters from the teaser trailer via retro trading cards. He’s urged us to collect them and trade them (the catchphrase of the Topps trading card company), but only eight cards were provided. And where’s the stale chewing gum?!

There is actually a lot to be learned from this snazzy reveal. We now know that John Boyega is playing a Stormtrooper named Finn, Daisy Ridley is playing Rey, the ball looking droid is BB-8, and Oscar Isaac is an X-Wing pilot named Poe Dameron. And when I say X-Wing, I mean X-Wing, because we also learned that a lot of the classic ships are the same from the original trilogy and they’re still called Stormtroopers.

The biggest mystery is that the shadowy figure with the unique Lightsaber is Kylo Ren but still doesn’t have an actor revealed for this role. The other nice touch by J.J. are the card numbers on each of the cards revealed, which J.J. told EW that the numbers are in some way significant.

The trading cards are a throwback to the release of the first movie which was accompanied by five series of trading cards. It really seems as though J.J. Abrams wants to recapture the sense of wonder and imagination that was delivered in the original trilogy a long, long time ago.


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via [Entertainment Weekly]

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