Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer 3 Analysis: New Speculations and Confirmations

The final theatrical trailer has been released for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and it was just as fantastic, if not more so, than the second trailer that released during Star Wars Celebration last Spring. It offered plenty of new shots to dissect, as well as a voice over from a character not shown on screen, who Disney has confirmed to be Maz Kanata, the CGI character played by Lupita N’yongo.

Based on my obsession with all things Star Wars I’ve decided to break down the latest trailer in a similar fashion to what I did for the second one, so head on down below to take in my analysis and speculations. There may be potential spoilers, so proceed at your own risk even if most of the thoughts below are purely pulled out of my ass based on what I’ve seen and read about the film.

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The trailer opens with a shot of Rey in her scavenger gear, which appears to have goggles fashioned from the eyes of a Stormtrooper helmet. She is a scavenger on Jakku, so there’s a great chance her goggles are from a Stormtrooper helmet. There’s also a great chance that she is exploring one of the crashed Star Destroyers in this shot, which we’ve seen in the other trailers in the distance.

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A voice over is heard during these shots, which has now been confirmed as Maz Kanata by Disney, who is more than likely speaking to Rey. She first asks, “Who are you?” to which Rey replies, “I’m no one.” as a shot of her and BB-8, which must be her personal droid are shown walking through the desert.

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This dialogue is heard while scenes of Rey looking to the stars are shown while she’s still on Jakku, in a similar fashion to Luke looking at the twin suns of Tatooine. The fact that she’s a nobody from a remote desert planet really sets up Rey to have a similar arc to Luke Skywalker, who also was a nobody from a desert planet, who just so happened to defeat the Empire with the help of his friends he met along the way.

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Dialogue heard towards the end of the trailer also suggests that Maz may be Force sensitive and is trying to get Rey to embrace the Force, so Rey, like many have speculated, could have relations to the Skywalkers, or just be Force sensitive, but more on that later.

The action then shifts to Finn, who is heard saying, “I was raised to do one thing, but I’ve got nothing to fight for” during a voice over as he removes his Stormtrooper helmet. He looks very distraught, as if he just witnessed an atrocity. His dialogue also confirms that he’s at least been a follower of the First Order, or a Stormtrooper for as long as he can remember.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.22.31 PM

Whatever upset him leads to the next shot, which shows one of the new TIE Fighters being shot down over Jakku. More than likely this is Finn’s TIE as he probably tries to flee the New Order after realizing he has nothing to fight for under their banner. This is also probably how Finn makes it to Jakku and meets Rey.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.23.04 PM

Finn is then seen in black holding the leather jacket he wears in later shots, but also the same one his action figure sports. It should be noted that this jacket may be Poe Dameron’s, as showcased by a toy collector, so maybe Finn was involved in catching Poe, torturing him (see below during Kylo shots), or just ran off with his coat during his speculated escape from a Star Destroyer. It could also mean nothing and be a coincidence, but the two share a curious look a few shots later, which could hint at their relationship, or the fact that one may be hiding something.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.23.32 PM

Kylo Ren is the next character to take the center stage in this trailer as he is shown standing on the bridge of what may be the new Super Duper Star Destroyer we’ve seen in the other trailers. He appears to be watching what is speculated to be the Starkiller Base firing its weapon. The official DB describes this base as, “An ice planet converted into a stronghold of the First Order and armed with a fiercely destructive new weapon capable of destroying entire star systems.” So yeah that thing is a beast if that’s what he’s looking at, and it makes the Death Stars look like toys.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.23.56 PM

Kylo then delivers a voice over, apparently talking to the melted helmet of his idol–Darth Vader. He says, “Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish what you started,” so as JJ has confirmed this dude definitely has a hard-on for Vader, but his exact reasons are unknown. Based on dialogue from Rey, Finn, and Han a few shots later, he may not have the full understanding of who Vader was, because it appears that people in this timeline think of the Jedi and Sith as myths or legends, so he probably has a distorted view of who and what Vader truly was.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.24.26 PM

Ren is then seen torturing Poe, which may take place early on in the film, and somehow tie into the “Finn with Poe’s Jacket” theory. Some think that Poe may be getting turned, based on the shot of him being shown when Han mentions the Dark Side, but that may be a bit far fetched at this point.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.24.47 PM

I really think the Force user is Rey, even though they’ve shown Finn with Luke and Anakin’s old lightsaber, so if there’s any turning to be done, I’m thinking it would be Rey, but that’s pure speculation.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 3.49.54 PM

Right after the shot of Poe being tortured a wooded planet is shown being leveled by a red laser, which may be from the Starkiller base from the Kylo Ren shots. Maybe as part of the Torture Kylo shows Poe the images of the planet being destroyed, which may be his home planet? Again, just speculating, but the timing of the shots is curious to say the least.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.26.42 PM

The trailer then moves back to Jakku and focuses on the Falcon being chased by multiple TIE Fighters. While this is going on Rey is heard asking Han, “Those stories about what happened,” to which he replies, “It’s true. All of it. The Dark Side. The Jedi. They’re real.” It appears that the question is being asked aboard the Falcon, so Rey, Finn, and Han definitely hook up at some point, probably early on in the film.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.27.40 PM

The question Rey asks reinforces the notion that people living in this timeline, at least young people, and those far removed from the Empire, look at the Jedi and Sith as myths, which is similar to how people thought about them at the start of the original trilogy, just ask Han. I’m guessing these three meet for a reason, and Han potentially guides them to a place that they may find answers. Who knows, maybe at this point Luke’s lightsaber may be in play, and possibly the three are going to search for answers about it. Sounds good, but just a speculation.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.28.25 PM

While Han is waiting to finish his lines a new shot of Kylo Ren, and what may be the Knights of Ren, are seen in a rainy environment with bodies at their feet. I have no clue where this may be, but it does appear that Kylo is a badass and has no qualms with killing.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.30.05 PM

The action montage continues, and features shots of a battle on a wooded planet, the same one from the first teaser where Poe’s X-Wing is seen skimming along a lake. It looks like the Resistance and First Order have some sort of big showdown here, but over what isn’t clear.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.32.03 PM

The next important shot is of Han, Finn, and Rey walking into some sort of temple. A Mandalorian symbol can be seen on its front amongst banners, but it’s unclear where this may be. Some have speculated that it may be Maz Kanata’s hideout on Yavin IV, the same planet the Rebels had a base on in A New Hope. The idea behind these three seeking out Maz is that she, or it, may be Force sensitive and can help them in possibly finding Luke. Makes sense, but a pure guess at this point. I support the theory though, and Maz’s hand may be the one in the second trailer handing Luke’s lightsaber to a female.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.32.26 PM

Things get a bit interesting in the next series of shots. We get to see what we all believe to be Luke touching R2 again, but it appears to happen on the same planet that the subsequent scenes show, which means if it is Luke maybe the First Order with the help of Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren, are hunting him down.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.32.55 PM

It just seems curious that Luke is seen at night in a desert with fire reflecting off of him as similarly lit shots play after it, hinting that they may be from the same location. Considering Kylo loves Vader, but probably doesn’t know all the facts, I’m assuming he hates Luke for killing him, so he probably does want to take out the last known Jedi Master.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.33.16 PM

The next few shots show the good guys in distress. First Rey is seeing crying over a body, so many have speculated that it could be Han’s, because the body is wearing some sort of leather jacket. Others have thought that it may be Poe Dameron, but I’m leaning towards Han. There’s a great chance he gets whacked in this episode to set the emotional tone for the trilogy, and Harrison Ford has wanted him to be killed since 1983, so maybe JJ gave him his wish.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.33.40 PM

We then see Chewie, Han, and Finn being held up and staring wide eyed at something crossing their paths. The location seems to be from the wooded/lake planet from the X-Wing and TIE fighter dogfight scenes from earlier, so something major definitely goes down on this planet.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.33.59 PM

The Resistance can be seen in another battle on a snowy planet next, which may indeed be the Starkiller base. BB-8 is in Poe’s X-Wing, so at some point Rey must meet Poe and trust him enough with her droid. There’s also a trench in the distance, so this may very well be the climax of the film that could yield another death defying trench run.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.34.48 PM

The intense action montage continues on with a shot of Rey looking pissed as all hell, and then a touching embrace between Han and Leia, who appears visually distraught. The shot of Leia may tease the fact that she knows Han is going off to fight a major battle, or maybe she learned of another Skywalker’s fate? Either way she’s upset at possibly losing someone she loves.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.35.26 PM

The final shots our of Finn and Luke’s saber as Kylo approaches him. The interesting thing about these shots are that Finn looks absolutely scared to death of Kylo, and he definitely doesn’t look comfortable wielding a lightsaber. It’s as if he just found it and needed a way to defend himself, so he fired it up and hoped for the best. We also hear the voice of Maz again, more than likely still speaking to Rey, saying, “The Force, it’s calling to you. Just let it in.” This further backs up the theory that Rey is the Force user in this trilogy, and not Finn.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.36.22 PM

I really think Lucasfilm and Disney have gone out of their ways to make it appear as if Finn will be the new Jedi for this trilogy, but I do think it’s all a ruse to throw us off. I at least want Rey to be the new Jedi, not sure if that’s how it will go, but I honestly believe she has Skywalker blood and will be the new Luke for this trilogy. I have a feeling that Kylo may also have some relation to the Skywalkers, and could possibly be Rey’s twin. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is why they would be split up, and why they followed such different paths. It made sense for Luke and Leia when they were born, but I guess it could work in this trilogy if you consider that the Empire never truly disappeared after Jedi, so there’s a great chance Han, Leia, and Luke had to go into hiding for survival, therefore would do the same for their kids.

star-wars-force-awaknes- 2.31.39 PM

Like I mentioned earlier most of my thoughts above are pure speculation, and probably a reflection of how I want the movie to turn out, so take them with a grain of salt. I just want to be satisfied on 12/17, and not feel bamboozled again with another poorly executed Star Wars trilogy. I don’t think that will happen based on excellent trailers like this, but only time will tell.

May the Force be with you, always.


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