Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Premium Edition Announcment

Fans of Star Wars:  The Force Unleashed will now have the opportunity to purchase a $79.99 premium edition for the sequel, The Force Unleashed II, which is due out this October.  I used to be a gamer that always wanted the super-duper editions of my favorite games, but recently I’ve curbed that behavior.  For the most part these “editions” are more or less full of gimmicks and not worth the extra $20 duckets, but every once in awhile a primo edition comes along that I have to have.

The Force Unleashed II premium edition just may be one of these exceptions to my rule.  This is mainly because I’m a huge Star Wars sucker and usually get duped into buying anything that has the license tied to it, but this package does have some value.  Quoted from the original article on Gamespot the package will include:

“Steelbook casing with exclusive in-game items inside its high-end wrapping. In-game premiums include three challenge mode levels, a Deak Starkiller skin designed by original Star Wars illustrator Ralph McQuarrie, and a yellow lightsaber crystal.””Additionally, the top-tier pack will include a 2GB Mimbot USB drive with a Force Unleashed II digital artbook inside, as well as themed wallpapers and a game script penned by series producer Haden Blackman.”

Overall not too shabby for the extra $20.  I’ve always wanted a lightsaber crystal, maybe I can finally finish my prototype and join up with the Jedi A-holes!  I also like the 2GB Mimbot USB drive.  I’ve always wanted one, but could never justify the price, so its inclusion in this package is a bonus.  Take a look at some pics of what you’ll be getting in the Force Unleashed Premium Edition below.  You’ve been suckered again…

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