Star Wars: The Last Jedi MNF Trailer Breakdown and Speculations Video (SPOILERS)

Last night during MNF the first official trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi aired, and it was packed full of awesomeness from that galaxy from far, far away. Although, after seeing it, I now have to agree with its Director, Rian Johnson, who had previously advised against watching it. I definitely can see his point after the fact, but like most of you other Star Wars fanboys out there, was there truly anyway for us to skip this new trailer? That’s a big Jabba-sized NO by the way.

After watching it multiple times I decided to break it down scene by scene and do an analysis of what I interpreted to be going on in each shot. I setup the shot, and then explain what possible motivations the characters may have for doing what they’re doing in each scene, as well as how that scene may fit in the overall movie’s plot. There is plenty of information and insight to be gained from this trailer, so hopefully my guided tour of it leads you to the promise land of The Last Jedi knowledge.

Please be advised that the trailer is a part of this breakdown and analysis of The Last Jedi’s potential plot points, so only watch if you’ve seen it and want to hear other fans’ opinions on what may happen in the final film. You can also check out a gallery of stills from the trailer, which is embedded below.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15, 2017. Make sure to check out our Star Wars Time Show below if you dig Star Wars related podcasts.


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