The time has come Star Wars fans. We finally have an official teaser trailer for the long awaited return to the Skywalker saga, Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi.

The trailer dropped at the end of The Last Jedi panel at Star Wars celebration 2017. Fans were also treated to a teaser poster for the film, which you can see below.


As you can see, Rey is mimicking Luke’s pose from the official poster for A New Hope, but the main draw of the poster is above Rey. As her lightsaber ascends, it fades from blue to red, and then we see 2 faces split by the blade, Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren. The poster is very ominous to say the least. The primary red coloring and the brooding faces of Luke and Kylo scream ‘I have a bad feeling about this.’

Before we get into the breakdown of the trailer, make sure you have watched it, so you can follow along with the images in this post. If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here.

Now without further adieu, let’s dive into this breakdown!

The trailer opens up with a hand smacking down onto a craggy rock ground of some landmass. A quick pan up reveals Rey on her knees and clearly exhausted. Perhaps she is exhausted from the rigorous training she has been going through with Luke. We then get the iconic Lucasfilm splash screen to let us know that this in indeed a Star Wars movie.

The next shot is a pan across and over shot of AchTo, the planet where Luke Skywalker exiled himself after the fall of his Jedi Academy and where Rey is learning to hone her Force abilities. In the background, you can hear Luke saying “Breathe. Just Breathe.” Probably helping Rey get through the tough times that she is encountering during her training.

Next up we get a quick heroic pose from Rey as she stares out over the vast ocean that lies in front of her. Is this a metaphor for the monumental task of destroying the First Order and saving the galaxy that lies in front of her, or does she just like the cool ocean breeze?

This trailer is filled with spine tingling moments, but this is one of my favorites. Luke can be heard in the background saying “Now reach out…” while Rey is finally learning to harness her Force abilities.

After a quick fade to black, the trailer moves to a shot of General Leia’s back as she looks over a holo map of the galaxy. We can hear Luke in the backgound, “… what do you see?” There is also a very faint whisper of the younger Princess Leia, “Help me Obi-Wan…”

We can hear Rey in the background responding to Luke, “Light…” as the trailer fades out of this image.

We then see Kylo Ren’s mask smashed to bits on what looks like the floor of a First Order vessel of some kind. We can hear Rey in the background responding to Luke, “darkness” as the trailer fades out here. There is also another very faint whisper from Emperor Palpatine that sounds like, “… can teach you about the dark side.” A line he said to Anakin Skywalker during the prequels.

The image we see above serves as confirmation for plenty of fan speculation and set photos. This is the famous “Force Tree” that has been talked about on the internet for months. We see a set of tattered books on a stone shelf. Are these the teachings of the galaxy’s first Jedi?

Next we get a zoomed in shot of the faded Jedi insignia as Rey runs her fingers over it. In the background we can hear faint whispers and can almost clearly hear the words “dreams… the future.” Most likey the words of Master Yoda.

Over the whispers, Rey says “The balance.” Is Rey the first Force user who is beginning to understand what true balance in the Force means?

The scene fades out with the sound of a lightsaber igniting and comes back up to show Rey practicing her fighting technique as Luke watches from a distance. Luke whispers as this image fades up, “It’s so much bigger.”

The music picks up as we see the beginnings of a ground battle about to take place on what looks like the salt flats of a new planet. We can see New Order walkers in the distance heading straight for Resistance fighters.

Here’s a better shot of the Resistance fighters coming in hot and spraying red smoke.

We get our first and only shot of Finn as he lays inside of what is probably a recovery chamber. Clearly, Finn is still not 100% after his clash with Kylo in the forest on Starkiller base.

Poe and BB8 enter the trailer as they are running through what looks like a Resistance battle cruiser as it is under attack.

Unfortunately for Poe and BB8, their quick escape is foiled as the hangar bay of the cruiser is blown to hell along with Poe’s Black X-Wing.

The Millennium Falcon drops into the trailer during an in atmosphere battle with some TIE fighters.

Rey runs back into frame with her lightsaber ignited. We can see mountains in the background, similar to the ones that we saw during the oncoming ground battle with the Resistance fighters and the New Order walkers. This scene could be taking place on the same planet. As this image fades out, Luke begins to say, “I know only one truth…”

Enter Kylo Ren, the fallen member of the Skywalker family who is looking to carry out the will of his grandfather Darth Vader. He is still wielding his signature unstable crossguard lightsaber, but he is also sporting a new scar above his right eye. Most likely a gift from Rey during their battle on Starkiller Base. There is definitely hatred in his eyes. Luke’s words hang over this quick look at Kylo.

The next few images come and go quickly, but hold a lot of significance to what we already know about the new trilogy, especially this one. We see Luke kneeling along side R2D2 as he watches a large scale building burn to ashes. This is one of the images that we saw during Rey’s vision in The Force Awakens. Is this the burning remains of Luke’s Jedi Academy that was dismantled by Kylo Ren all those years ago, or is this a different building that holds equal significance to Luke?

Next, we get a quick flash of Captain Phasma, clearly not smashed by a trash compactor, as she leads a group of First Order troopers through the burning rubble of a battle.

We then get a quick shot of a space battle that is happening over a primarily blue and green planet. Could this be the First Order closing in on AchTo while the Resistance tries to defend the planet long enough for Luke and Rey to escape, or is this another lush planet?

There is a long fade to black. Over the black, we can hear Luke Skywalker finishing the one truth he knows “…it is time for the Jedi”. The scene fades back up to show Luke standing in the opening of a cave and looking back over his shoulder, “… to end.”

The trailer ends with an ominous crescendo and the red letters of the title image turning towards you.


If you didn’t get chills during that trailer, then I think you should go see a doctor. Rian Johnson and the minds at Lucasfilm were able to pack a ton of great information and spine tingling moments into this 1:57 long trailer. Stay tuned to Entertainment Buddha for more news from Star Wars celebration, and check out our upcoming Star Wars centric Buddhacast which will feature Matt and Nick diving deep into this trailer and everything else from Star Wars celebration 2017.

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