Star Wars: The Old Republic – Bioware Confirms No Xbox 360 Version

I’ve mentioned before that Bioware is one of my favorite devs of all-time.  They’ve put out the SW: Knights of the Old Republic series, the Mass Effect series, Dragon Age, and more high quality titles that I am to lazy to type.  Well their next big adventure, Star Wars: The Old Republic, is going to be their first MMO title.  I think it’ll be a great game although I tend to stay away from [slider title=”MMO’s”]Massively Multiplayer Online.  Think World of Warcraft, or Everquest.  These games are on-line communities where you can join up with other real people to tackle the game and socialize.  They are living on-line communities where even some extreme users stage marriage ceremonies.[/slider] because I feel like most Koreans, I’d probably completely tune out of society and you’d find me dead at my PC.

Another reason is that I’m just not that big of  PC gamer.  I’ve got the tools, but the PC gaming realm just never caught my fancy like the consoles did.  I think PC gamers are some of the most die hard gamers out there, it just isn’t my scene.  Plus it costs a shit ton of cash to buy a rig that’ll run the current generation’s games.

Anyway, Bioware’s new Star Wars MMO is only meant to be on the PC, but it seems that by mistake it showed up on the list of Xbox 360 games coming later this year.  Well I guess the PR reps at Bioware quickly squashed the error and confirmed that Star Wars:  The Old Republic will only be on the PC.  Damn, I thought I’d have my first shot to die on my couch playing an MMO.  Check out the bad ass trailer below to see why it’s worth dying for.


You’ve been enlightened…

Via [Joystiq]


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