Star Wars: The Old Republic Getting New Chapter Soon

Bioware has announced a new cinematic chapter coming August 11th, and those who are lucky enough to be part of the chosen subscribers will get early access to the content two days earlier. The newest “Expansion” is called The Battle Of Odessen. The main feature that is added is an epic battle against Arcann who was shown off at a previous E3 with his twin brother. Could this be the last big update for the game? I for one love the extended universe of Star Wars more then any of the main entries (Even if they are no longer cannon).

Will you be diving into this new chapter? I doubt this new update will draw many new players in since its clearly focused on those with extensive knowledge of the universe which I always appreciate. If nothing else Bioware writes a great space based story, lets just hope that this series ends in one of three color coded endings.


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