Star Wars Time: 14 Fanboy Moments We Want in Ep. IX and Revan Adds to SWGOH’s Awesome Factor

In this episode of Star Wars Time Nick and I had to dig deep into our fandom of all things far away galaxies, because for the most part, last week was devoid of any major Star Wars movie/TV show news. That didn’t stop us from rattling on for almost two hours, because after all, we do love all things Star Wars, and our mouths can get diarrhea when we schedule time to talk about it.

We spent the first half of the cast talking about our favorite free-to-play mobile Star Wars game, which is Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which is almost three years old now and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In particular, we frame the discussion around the arrival of Jedi Knight Revan to the game, who is the latest legendary event character that players can earn by grinding the hell out of the other Old Republic characters in the game. While you could cough up hundreds of bucks to get Revan right away, you can still earn him for free with a bit of work, which is why we like this game. It caters to free players like myself, while also appeasing its whales, which is a delicate balance all free-to-play games need to master to survive. I mean I have played this game nearly every single day since it first released, and I have yet to pay a dime for it, yet I compete in almost all of the big events. It takes me longer to get there, but I can still get there, because this game allows us cheap asses the same chances to unlock awesome characters like Revan, albeit with a time consuming grind, but that’s what mobile games are all about anyway, enjoyable grinds that you can take part in throughout your day.

After we gush about SWGOH, we move on to a fun discussion on Star Wars: Episode IX. We bring up 14 pure fanboy moments that we would love to see in the movie, fully knowing that none of the items we bring up will every see the light of day. For example, one moment we talk about is Chewie getting into a brawl with Kylo Ren to exact more revenge on him for killing Han. Or how about seeing Kylo’s new helmet, or Force Ghost Luke affecting the real world like Force Ghost Yoda did with lighting in TLJ. These are the types of moments we discuss, so if you want to have a bit of fun with Episode IX, make sure to tune in!

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