Star Wars Time: Amy Hennig’s Cancelled Star Wars Game Goes Open World and Obi-Wan Rumored for Episode IX

We must be in an alternate reality, because within a four week time period Nick and I have talked about new Star Wars video games twice on Star Wars Time, and they’re not even mobile titles! That’s because in this new episode of the show we talk about the news revolving around Amy Hennig, who was working on a linear Star Wars action game for Visceral at EA, but after she left last year the project was seemingly cancelled. That was until a Game Informer piece last week informed us that assets from her project weren’t totally scrapped, and that EA is working on a brand new open world Star Wars game that will incorporate some of those assets. We wonder what the game may be about and when it’ll be set in our discussion, as well as reminiscing about old Star Wars games.

The conversation then moves back to the Star Wars movie universe as we discuss some revelations about Rian Johnson’s trilogy, and a rumor about an Episode IX cameo. Ram Bergman, Rian’s producer, revealed that they’re at least two years away from Johnson’s trilogy, but it wasn’t clear if he meant two years away from filming, or seeing the first movie. This leads us down a tangent on when we will see these films, and we do believe that if the stand alone projects were indeed scrapped, then Johnson’s film hitting in 2020 may not be that farfetched.

We also discuss a rumor that Obi-Wan Kenobi may make an appearance in Star Wars: Episode IX. His voice was key in Rey’s lightsaber vision from TFA, so it appeared back then that J.J. had some sort of plan for him, and now that he’s back in charge maybe he found a way to incorporate Kenobi in a believable fashion. Nick and I speculate why Obi-Wan would appear, because at this point him showing up in ghost form probably isn’t needed, so we wonder what Rey or possibly another Force user would be doing to force Kenobi out of retirement.

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