Star Wars Time: Celebration 2019 Tips, Kenobi Rumors, Lando’s Galactic Sexual Preferences

Hey Star Wars fans we’re back with a new episode of Star Wars Time, and as usual we tried to stick to an agenda, but thanks to our fandom, and or lunacy, we also go down a few rabbit hole-style tangents.

We start the discussion with the news that Star Wars Celebration is coming to Chicago in 2019. This leads to use talking about my first Celebration, which was Celebration II in 2002 where I cosplayed as a Jedi before cosplaying was even a thing. This somehow leads into another movie going pro tip from your’s truly. I advise you all on how you should go about buying reserved movie tickets when there are multiple open seats in a theater. Basically, don’t sit right next to a stranger if you don’t have to. We eventually come back to the Celebration 2019 talk, and how it could blow if it’s anything like Celebration 2017. Tickets go on sale on June 5th if your interested though.

From here we talk about all of the rumors popping up around the Kenobi standalone film. Until Lucasfilm makes it legit, we are fine talking about the rumors, but will not buy into any of them until the official blessing comes down. We definitely want a Kenobi flick, but we don’t want to buy into every rumor about it until it’s officially green lit.

Finally, we get into a talk about the recent reveal that Lando Calrissian is a pansexual, which basically means he’s into anything, including robots, aliens, and pretty much anything else a person can be attracted to. This reveal has once again received the ire of the small group of Star Wars fans that feel Disney is cramming a Liberal agenda into the new properties and that they’re childhoods are ruined. We talk about how this group of fans seem to get so worked up over things that don’t really matter in the end. Why even be into the Star Wars universe if it causes you so much internal grief? Opinions are opinions though, so if you feel Disney is ruining your life, then so be it.

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