Star Wars Time: Disney’s SW ATM, Williams and ‘Solo’, and Rey’s Parentage Up In The Air

Hey Star Wars fans, we are back with the first episode of Star Wars Time in 2018, so naturally it is full of many tangents as Nick and I look towards the horizon for what is to come this year from that galaxy from far, far away.

We took a few weeks off during the holidays, so the episode begins with Nick and I talking about our third and fourth screening of The Last Jedi, and how each affected us and those we went with. We then talk about how much cash Disney is making off of its $4 billion purchase from George Lucas. Disney has now made $4 billion just on the new Star Wars movies, so the investment has been paid off on in full, and if you factor in all of the other licensing and projects, there’s a great chance Disney has made many more millions just on Star Wars peripherals. Speaking of the Creator, we also discuss an article the mentioned that some of his ideas for 7-9 were reused or modified for use in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, which led us to wonder what Lucas’ actual opinions on those films are.

From there we talk about John Williams doing the main theme for the Solo movie, and how that his absence from Rogue One was the only misstep that film took. Without Williams we argue that Star Wars may not have become the pop culture juggernaut that it is.

While we try to stay away from the The Last Jedi we did touch on an interview with Rian Johnson in which he said that Rey’s parents aren’t necessarily set in stone after The Last Jedi. He pretty much says that J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio have an opening to alter her actual parents since Kylo may have been trying to play on her fears when he told Rey that her parents were Jakku crackheads.

Finally, and I’m sure we went down a few more rabbit holes before we get to the custom saber discussion, but we do spend a few minutes on the custom lightsaber scene and how badass some of them look.

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