Star Wars Time: Ep. IX Desert Set Pic and Palpatine Rumor, Resistance Easter Eggs, and a Star Wars Firing

We have another jam packed episode of Star Wars Time that features stories from all across our favorite galaxy. We’ve got two Star Wars: Episode IX items to talk about, Star Wars Resistance Easter eggs, stormtroopers in The Mandalorian, and even a firing in the Star Wars comic books universe.

We start with the firing, which involved Chuck Wendig, the writer of the recent Aftermath trilogy, who was let go by Marvel from his work on a Darth Vader limited run comic book. Like James Gunn, he was forced out of his role thanks to his vocal political opinions on Twitter, which definitely were pretty intense, and therefore caused some alt-right sites to move against him and call for his firing, which Marvel gave them. Whether you like Chuck’s writing or not, it’s getting a bit scary that artists are getting fired from their jobs based on their political beliefs.

We then move into the Star Wars: Episode IX news items, which consisted of a new series of set pics, and a rumored return for an iconic character in the franchise. The set pics come from Jordan, so it appears as if Episode IX will be headed to a desert planet. We wonder if the planet is one we’ve been to before, or a new one. The set pics hinted that it could be Jedha, Tatooine, or Jakku, but of course it could be a new desert planet too. We also touch on the rumor that Emperor Palpatine will be making an appearance in Episode IX, which we could see happening if done correctly, but based on existing canon, we don’t think it would make a ton of sense.

A few new set pics have leaked from The Mandalorian too, so we discuss a shot that shows two Stormtroopers without their helmets on a set for the show, and what that may mean for the main character and who he will come across.

Finally, the first three episodes of Star Wars Resistance have aired, so Nick and I broke out the Easter eggs we spotted, while also reviewing the available episodes. To sum things up, we have enjoyed what we’ve seen, but would like a few more connections to the new and old trilogies.

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