Star Wars Time: ‘Galaxy of Heroes’ Love We Do, Billy Dee, and Obi-Wan Movie Plot

My fellow Star Wars fans, welcome to a new episode of Star Wars Time! In this episode we touch on a variety of subjects ranging from gaming to parenting a Star Wars kid, and including rumors about Episode IX and the unannounced Obi-Wan Kenobi movie.

We start with a deep dive into our love of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which is a free-to-play game that has been out for nearly three years and continues to be an amazing mobile title that won’t cost you a dime if you have a bit of patience. We mention how it has added another round of characters from the KOTOR era, but more importantly we inform you as to why you should be playing it if you’re a Star Wars fan and a gamer.

From there we move on to a discussion about getting a kid into the Star Wars universe, in particular, my kid. Over the past week she has started asking me to watch Star Wars even though I haven’t forced it upon her. Sure, a guy that runs a Star Wars podcast and collects a ton of Star Wars merch probably should have a kid that likes the franchise too, but I promise I haven’t showered her with propaganda. So on her own she started asking me to watch Star Wars, so based on her age, which is just over two, I opted to queue up the female character-centric Star Wars Forces of Destiny shorts. She immediately fell in love, and we have now watched these episodes every night since. I’m a happy Dad to say the least.

We then close out the cast talking about two major rumors floating around the Star Wars-verse about Star Wars: Episode IX and the unannounced Kenobi film. In regards to Kenobi, we talk about a plot synopsis that has been floating around, and we found it to be workable if it is true. In terms of Episode IX we discuss the rumored casting of Billy Dee Williams, which at this point hasn’t been made official by the Mouse, so we treat it as speculation at best.

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