Star Wars Time: Geeking Out Over the Episode IX Cast List and Snoke’s Possible Return

Star Wars fans we finally got some concrete Star Wars: Episode IX news last week in the form of the official cast list, which was posted on last Friday. This of course makes up the bulk of episode 208’s topics, because the official cast list confirmed a few rumors, while also dropping a big bomb about one cast member’s inclusion that we didn’t see coming.

We start the cast questioning once again the decision to use three different directors to tell the latest Skywalker trilogy. With hindsight on our side, we look back at what could’ve been if J.J. or Rian got to tell the full trilogy rather than sharing the narrative with other creatives. We believe the method Disney went with is what led to TLJ being so divisive, and now that J.J. is returning to the trilogy to cap it off, it would have made even more sense now to have him just tell all three films. Oh well, that’s not how it happened, and while we both enjoy TLJ, myself more so than Nick, we do agree that the trilogy as a whole would’ve been better if it was told from just one person’s artistic take.

In terms of the official cast list we spend most of the time talking about Mark Hamill’s inclusion, and the news that Carrie Fisher herself would star in the film via unused footage from TFA. We also talk about what Billy Dee may be up to in the film as Lando, and feel that he was mostly brought in to make up for Fisher’s passing. With that being said we both agree that Leia won’t make it past the first act in Episode IX.

We close out the cast talking about a rumor that Snoke may return in Episode IX via flashbacks to tell a bit more of his backstory. This is based on a rumor that floated around last week that Ed Harris would make a great choice to play a young Snoke before he gets disfigured. We may also touch on a cool fan trailer for Episode IX, which you can watch here.

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