Star Wars Time: Jar Jar’s Own Toxic Fandom Plus Episode IX Casting Rumors

These days it seems as if Star Wars can’t escape the toxic fandom movement that has escalated since last December, but that is the sad state of affairs we face thanks to a few trolls out there who take pleasure in tearing people down for one reason or another. This past week we learned of two more stories of people in Hollywood who have experienced fan backlash personally, or indirectly, and it was bad enough in one case that one actor considered killing himself. This is the story of Ahmed Best, who played Jar Jar Binks in the prequel trilogy, and recently confirmed that he contemplated suicide after the media and fan backlash to his Star Wars character. We talk about how his situation was a bit different thanks to the lack of social media, but regardless of the time and technology, no human should be driven to the brink of killing themselves thanks to a few shit heads in the world who feel it’s their job to make someone miserable for trying to earn a living.

We also discuss a recent tweet by Mission Impossible Director Christopher McQuarrie, who more or less said to Rian Johnson that he doesn’t know how Rian deals with the fan hate, and that any desire for himself to direct a Star Wars project has been “cured” due to how he’s seen people treat Rian on social media. The fallout is happening my friends, so I anticipate more celebs opting out of future Star Wars projects thanks to all the horseshit that has been going on since December. It’s a shame really, because any Star Wars is better than no Star Wars, but thanks to the trolls and their keyboards, we may just end up missing out on the next great Star Wars project because talented artists and storytellers no longer want to play in the universe.

We do move on to some fun items to talk about, such as the lightsaber foreshadowing in TLJ, and a Keri Russell in Episode IX rumor. We also touch on another Episode IX rumor about a shooting location that has been used to shoot Yavin IV scenes in two previous Star Wars movies.

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