Star Wars Time: Matt Smith Casting, Bautista’s Star Wars Rejections, and Resistance’s Team Fireball

In the latest episode of Star Wars Time, Nick and I covered various Star Wars news topics from the past week, as well as a few tangents, but that shouldn’t surprise any fan of the podcast.

We start things off talking about how Dave Bautista revealed that he’s tried out for and didn’t get cast in at least two recent Star Wars projects. Nick and I wonder which two they could be, as well as which character Dave would have played in either film. We think the movies were probably Rogue One, The Force Awakens, or even Solo, but even with those films in mind we still couldn’t figure out who Dave may have tried out for. His build alone doesn’t fit with most of the lead and secondary roles featured in those films, so it’s hard to guess who he was going to play. Either way it wasn’t meant to be, so he went on to star as Drax and became sci-fi famous anyway.

From there we talk about a failed leak from Star Wars insider Mike Zeroh. I guess this guy has a big following for breaking Star Wars news, but he’s also known to pretty much run with anything that’ll get him some views and clicks. Last week he was called out for a big lie by Rian Johnson himself, who denied Mike’s report that his trilogy has been canned by Disney. Mike was called about by another big time Star Wars insider, Jason Ward, who runs, so Nick and I just found the whole ordeal to be sad but funny. We wondered if we should just start putting Star Wars rumors out there to increase our following, but we’re too lazy to even care about making shit up for headlines, so we shall stay in our irrelevancy.

We rounded out the show with two official bits of news. The first story being the casting of Doctor Who alum Matt Smith in Star Wars: Episode IX, and the second being an official introduction to Team Fireball from Star Wars Resistance. While neither of us are very familiar with Doctor Who, we respect its geek popularity and fandom, and feel that the casting is an intriguing one at that. We hope he’s playing a good guy, but at this point we really have no idea, so we will have to let the production play out to see if any information comes out to help flesh out his role.

Finally, we go over the intro to Team Fireball video, which detailed the main cast of Star Wars Resistance, and provided a bit of backstory on each character and how they’ll fit with the show.

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