Star Wars Time: Old Man Finn, Ep. IX Female Leads, and Alden Has Always Been Solo

Star Wars Time is back with a brand new episode, our May the 4th episode at that, so the conversation was all over the place as we reminisced about our favorite space opera. The conversation went off script the moment the mics went live, so don’t expect to hit any of the mentioned agenda items in the title until 10 – 15 minutes into the cast. We got derailed by the concept of May the 4th itself, and Solo pre-orders, but we do eventually get back on topic.

The topics we lead with revolve around Star Wars: Episode IX. John Boyega discussed how he thinks Finn will be much older in this sequel, and that he’s already growing his hair out to reflect the time jump. We wonder exactly what his hair could look like, and how far into the future this episode will go. In other Episode IX news we discuss two rumors about two new female leads that will be in the film. One is centered around the possible inclusion of Legends character Mara Jade, who was Luke’s Wife in the aborted Star Wars Legends tales. The other will supposedly work closely with Rey, so we just kind of wonder about both of these characters and how they would be used in they are a part of the cast.

We round out this cast with a talk about Solo, in particular Alden Ehrenreich. As it turns out, he was the bar setter for people auditioning for the role, and once he came him, no other actor was able to top his performance, and by the way he was the first actor to screen test. That’s pretty impressive, so maybe we should cut the guy some slack and just see how he pulls off the role on May 25th.

Finally, I let the world know about my disgust with people eating in movie theaters because I’m an angry dude, but seriously, 2.5 hours of straight snacking isn’t needed to enjoy a film, so pass on that bucket of popcorn and large pop at your next screening to spare your fellow movie goers from your loud ass chewing noises.

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