Star Wars Time Show: Holdo’s Arrival, Kylo/Rey Alliance in TLJ, and Who Fuels Snoke’s Hate

Star Wars fans, Nick and I are back with a brand new episode of Star Wars Time, which is the first show in a few weeks due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Episode 172 is loaded with theories and speculations for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, most of which come from new insights provided by EW’s coverage of the film.

We start out focusing on Admiral Holdo, who has now been explained as being someone that will shake up the Resistance after being called in to help Leia out. We mostly speculate on what may happen to Leia to require Holdo to take over. Does she get grievously injured? Does she go off on her own secret mission to save her son? Who knows, but we try our best to channel the Force and guess what may happen to Leia to bring Holdo to the forefront of the Resistance’s leadership. We also talk about the article and how Holdo is thought of in the Resistance. Apparently, due to her affluent look and background, not many will trust her at first, and she may be a bit bossy.

The conversation then transitions to another EW article, in particular, one that discusses the curious ties between Rey and Kylo. Apparently, due to Luke’s reluctance to train Rey, who just wants to figure out what her powers mean, and how she fits into the world, she may turn to an unlikely ally in Kylo Ren to learn more about what her destiny is. We wonder if we will see Rey go dark in this film, or if her and Kylo will start to help each other learn about who they truly are. The article also mentions Kylo’s mindset, which is still committed to becoming a big bad, but that he still feels a pull to the light. This upsets Snoke, who in turn starts to look towards a new apprentice in Rey.

Finally, we wrap things up by talking about the EW piece on Snoke. It doesn’t reveal who he really is, or where we may have seen him before, but it stresses the frailty of his health, and how his wounds drive his hatred of the Resistance. We wonder who in the Resistance could have wronged him so badly to cause him to bring the First Order to prominence to squash it and the New Republic. We try to avoid any concrete theories, because we all know everyone’s Snoke theories suck, but we do wonder who in the Resistance could be his main source of hate.

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