Star Wars Time Show: New Lightsaber Color in The Last Jedi, Trailer Spoilers Suck, Poe Best Pilot, and TLJ Plot Predictions

Star Wars Nation it’s less than three days away from the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, so Nick and I fired up our X-Wing headsets to record a The Last Jedi Pre-Game podcast for the latest episode of Star Wars Time. This show is dedicated to all things The Last Jedi, and we touch on a plethora of subjects related to the film.

First up, we discuss a story in which Rian Johnson said that we may see a new lightsaber color in The Last Jedi. First off, we discuss what color we may see, and guess that it will be yellow, orange, or white, and that the color will be dictated by whoever is wielding it. Speaking of its wielder, we also discuss who may wield the lightsaber that features a never-before-seen color for its blade. Nick thinks it will belong to Snoke and that it will be a yellow or orange color to match which  his regal appearance, and he convinced me that he may be right with his argument. I contend that the new colored blade may belong to Luke, and that it will be white in color.

We then talk about a new trailer for the film that completely spoils what appears to be a major moment from the movie. We talk about how shocking of a spoiler it was, but since we saw it, we do begin to speculate on what may actually be happening in the scene. We wonder why Rey may be grabbing for that lightsaber, and how her adventure may play out after we see her do what she did in the trailer.

We also zero in on another shot from this spoiler trailer that shows off Poe Dameron’s piloting skills. I turn it into a “Who’s the best pilot of all-time” discussion, and offer up Vader, Luke, and Poe for the competition. Tune in to see how we rank these amazing Star Wars franchise pilots.

Finally, we each give one prediction that we think will come true in the film. Go ahead and tune into the episode to find out what these predictions are!

You can watch and listen above through YouTube, or you can listen in below through our web player and Stitcher player (may need time to let it update to newest episode). Finally, you can always subscribe to the show via one of the available platforms below.

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