Star Wars Time: ‘Solo’ More Like Han So Low, Kenobi Movie Rumors, and Leia’s Ultimate Fate

I must first give credit where credit is due, so the whole Han So Low monicker comes from our own Nick Hershey, who is our local podcast mixer and co-host of Thrones Time. He used it to name the audio file for this new cast, and I couldn’t pass it up, it’s too spot on for summing up the state of the turbulent Solo movie.

Anyway, speaking of Solo, that’s the topic we start off with, because apparently it’s still going through reshoots, and it’s only five months from release. We wonder what type of reshoots may be taking place if they actually are, but we also voice our concern over the lack of promotions for the soon-to-be released film. It’s now mid-January and we don’t even have an official poster, let alone a trailer or teaser video. It’s like Disney and Lucasfilm don’t want us to know that it exists at this point. I don’t mean Star Wars fans in general, but the common movie goer who may dabble in the franchise, but isn’t tuned into all things Star Wars news. We’re definitely a bit concerned, because it shows a lack of faith in the project, which hasn’t been the case with any of the three previously released Disney-led Star Wars movies. We are holding out hope, it is a Star Wars movie after all, and Ron Howard is no slouch, but I think all of our fears could be quelled with an expertly crafted teaser releasing sometime this month.

After the Solo talk we dive into discussions about a potential Kenobi film, which got some heat last week due to the Golden Globes and Ewan McGregor being asked about it again. There was also a shot of Ewan training, which many took as him training to be an older Kenobi, even though the film hasn’t been officially green lit, and it would be a bit early for him to be getting ready for this potential role. Either way, both Nick and I want this flick to happen, and consider it to be the best standalone Star Wars film concept outside of the Vader films we’ve been clamoring for.

Finally, and this is where we go down a bunch of tangents, we wrap the show with an extensive discussion on how Leia will be handled in Star Wars: Episode IX based on how her arc went in The Last Jedi. Most of the conversation was based around an article I wrote about how J.J. and Chris Terrio will handle her fate. They’re in a tough spot, so Nick and I offer up a few examples on how she can be handled considering that Carrie Fisher is no longer with us.

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