Star Wars Time: ‘Solo’ Trolls, Failed Box Office, and Where Han Goes From Here

Nick and I aren’t done yet with our Solo: A Star Wars Story discussion thanks to how much we enjoyed the film, but also due to the fact that it has become the first Star Wars movie flop. It has severely underperformed since opening Memorial Day weekend, which has given the Star Wars trolls much satisfaction because they think they had a hand in its demise. We think that’s a reach, but their influence is definitely gaining momentum.

That’s pretty much where we start, we talk about the Star Wars trolls and their ridiculous arguments against the Disney Star Wars films and how their critiques are hard to buy as worthy since they’re rooted in hate over legitimate critiques about the film’s narrative and cast. It’s a shame too, because these so-called Star Wars fans are missing out on a really fun Star Wars flick in Solo. Anyway, we factor in the trolls as we talk about the film’s box office let down, which has all but been confirmed now with a weak turnout for its second weekend in theaters. This leads into the final part of the cast, which is centered on where the Solo franchise can go next if it goes anywhere.

We wonder if a sequel will now be made based on the lackluster box office numbers Solo has brought in. A sequel is highly coveted by us, and we point out some of the narratives we’d like to see in another Solo movie as we talk about how we may never see them due to what happened with Solo. With that being said we still cook up some dream scenarios for Han and Chewie, as well as characters we expect them to run into such as Boba Fett and Jabba the Hutt. Hopefully some of these fan wishes will come true, but if Disney has a magic number for Solo and it doesn’t hit it, there’s a very real chance the Solo experiment is dead on arrival.

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