Star Wars Time: ‘Solo’ Writer’s Movie Facts, Crazy Ep. IX Theories, and a Bloodier Order 66

Nick and I have returned from another Star Wars Time break with our longest episode yet. In this episode we cover all eras of the Star Wars universe with a plethora of topics that range from insightful to insane.

We start the talk with a conversation about a revelation from Ian McDiarmid about the original Order 66 in Revenge of the Sith. Apparently, the segment showing the order being executed was supposed to be much more violent than how it played out, but due to fears of getting an R-rating, Lucas opted to cut it down to the version we saw in theaters.

From here we talk about some Mark Hamill news, in particular him trolling his Twitter fans with a tweet that people think is a reveal of the title for Episode IX. It’s a classic Hamill social media trolling maneuver, so we had fun with his fun. Speaking of Mark, we also reveal what his Luke Skywalker said to himself as he faded into the Force during the end of The Last Jedi. His words are pretty powerful, so listen in to hear what he said.

After talking about Mark, we discussed a fan theory from Kevin Smith. Basically, he and a buddy wondered aloud if Keri Russell could be playing Ahsoka Tano in Episode IX. We both kind of dug the idea, but weren’t on board with where Smith took the theory next. They also suggested that Ahsoka is Rey’s Mom, so yeah, crazy fan theories are crazy.

We wrap the discussion with a talk about two of Solo’s deleted scenes, and Jon Kasdan’s 52 points about the production of the film tweet-fest. He laid out some great information about the production, so tune in to find out some interesting nuggets from the set of Solo.

Oh, and don’t forget the Aces discussion from the upcoming Star Wars Resistance anime.

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