Star Wars Time: Solo’s Budget Balloons, New TLJ Trailer Reveals, Dark Side Rey and Luke, Driver’s Princess Slip

In the latest episode of Star Wars Time Nick and I cover the week in Star Wars news, well last week that is, but either way the show is packed full of some awesome Star Wars news.

We start the cast talking about the reports that the budget for the Solo movie has doubled in size due to the reshoots that Ron Howard had to do to fix the film from the state it was in after Lord and Miller were let go. We wonder if the film will end up getting delayed now that it seems like it needed much more work than many of us thought, but so far Lucasfilm is sticking to the May 2018 release date.

The next topic we get into deals with some of the International promotional material released for The Last Jedi, which offered different takes on the film’s poster. The latest poster puts Rey in the fabled “Dark Side” position, which is typically reserved for the film’s bad guys on other Star Wars posters.


We also talk about the rumored attack on Ahch-to at the hands of the Knights of Ren, which has been rumored to be an event that takes place in The Last Jedi. This same attack may also feature Poe and Finn, who have come to the island to get Rey and possibly Luke. This speculation all comes from an Irish media event that showed off how the island was used in the film.

Another spoilerish tangent we goes down revolves around Adam Driver’s GQ interview in which he possibly lets slip that Rey could be a Princess, which may hint at her actually being a Solo after all.

Finally, if you’re avoiding all trailers for The Last Jedi, we also breakdown the ten new moments featured in last week’s “Awake” trailer.

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