Star Wars Time – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Plot Speculations and Episode IX Character and Plot Rumors

In the latest episode of Star Wars Time we discuss the Star Wars video game universe coming out of E3 2018. During the show a brand new game from Respawn was announced, so Nick and I speculate on what Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order may be about. We wonder who the hero may be, and discuss if they’ll be a known character, or if the lead will be brand new. We also discuss the possible setting for the game, as well as what type of action players may get into.

I for one think that Kanan Jarrus, aka, Caleb Dume could be the game’s lead, but Nick threw out some names from the now aborted EU. Either way we’re both down with a new non-mobile, non-Battlefront II Star Wars game, so I’m sure the topic will come up again on the show.

We also talk about how the Clone Wars will be coming to Star Wars Battlefront II. Fan favorite characters will be added to the game such as Grievous, Anakin, and General Kenobi. We also talk about some changes coming to the game’s Starfighter mode, in particular a new mode that will allow players to all start with Hero ships.


The episode ends with some Star Wars: Episode IX rumors, which consist of potential characters that will be featured, as well as some light plot details. Apparently Jabba the Hutt’s kid will be featured in the film, and the heroes may be directed to him by DJ. This meeting may also get blown up by the First Order, which will require DJ to team up with the same Resistance members that he screwed over in The Last Jedi. Again, these are only rumors, but they would make sense because Jabba’s son has been established in The Clone Wars movie, and DJ returning would be very interesting, especially if forced to work with Finn and Rose.

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