Star Wars Time: The Case for Battlefront 2’s Campaign and Rey’s New Plea to Luke

Hey Star Wars fans, the Star Wars Time Show is back with a new episode, and Nick and I tackle the controversies surrounding Star Wars Battlefront 2, Rian Johnson’s quotes about The Last Jedi not being a full on homage to The Empire Strikes Back, Woody Harrelson saying that he wouldn’t call Solo epic, and a break down of a new Rey-centric trailer.

We start with the smaller stories about an interview with Rian Johnson in which he claims that his film will not be a direct homage to The Empire Strikes Back, although we do believe there will be more than a few similarities. We also talk about an interview with Woody Harrelson in which he said he didn’t think Solo is an epic film full of action, but has the potential to be funny. We mostly focused on the fact that Woody doesn’t think the Solo movie is epic, which is a curious thing to say about a Star Wars film. We wonder what that response could mean, while also proclaiming that we didn’t think the Solo movie would be some action fueled experience either.

The conversation then shifts to the two main topics, which revolve around the launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2, and a new TV spot featuring never-before-heard dialogue from Rey that shed light on a few scenes we’ve seen of her from the trailer. In terms of the SWBF2 discussion, we make the case for its rather excellent campaign, which we both tend to think is good enough to outweigh the controversial multiplayer modes. We feel that it’s a shame that the campaign will mostly be skipped by fans who are angry at the progression system in the multiplayer modes.

The Rey dialogue conversation focuses on her new lines, which reference the failings of Kylo Ren, but more importantly this trailer proves that the scene between Rey and Kylo in the MNF trailer isn’t actually a scene but a clever edit.

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