Star Wars Time: The Clone Wars Returns Fanboy Moments and an Update on the Star Wars Animated Universe

It’s that time of week to tune into a new episode of Star Wars Time, which we have packed full of Star Wars animation topics. News from the live-action Star Wars projects in development has dried up a bit, which is why we’re going HAM on the currently available Star Wars animated series. We also cooked up another fanboy moments topic, and it involved all of the awesome moments we would like to see when The Clone Wars returns on Disney’s streaming platform.

We start things off talking about the new LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars series of shorts, which started airing last week on YouTube. While we agree that they’re great for kids, we were a bit disappointed that they solely focused on Roger the Battle Droid. Most of the little narratives they told were throwaway in style, and didn’t add much to the overall Star Wars lore. There are still a few shorts to drop, as well as four 30-minute episodes, so we will surely revisit the series once it has completely wrapped.

The show stays on the Star Wars animation track with the next topic discussed, which is the return of Star Wars Resistance. We finally got a new episode after the first four dropped at the show’s launch, so Nick and I recapped all of the cool Easter eggs from the episode, and did a short recap and review. We are definitely becoming fans of the show, and we appreciate how this new episode has started to showcase more of Kaz’s Resistance mission than the previous two.

The episode concludes with a deep dive into The Clone Wars reboot. Just like we did over the past two episodes of the show, we talked about a number of fanboy style moments that we want to see in the show’s return. We discuss what open plot threads we want to see resolved, as well as other hardcore fanboy wants, such as seeing Thrawn during the Clone Wars era.

You can watch and listen above through YouTube, or you can listen in below through our web player and Stitcher player (may need time to let it update to newest episode). Finally, you can always subscribe to the show via one of the available platforms below.

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