Star Wars Time: Weak ‘Solo’ Synopsis, Qui-Gon in ‘Kenobi’, and Johnson’s New Trilogy Insights

In the latest episode of Star Wars Time, Nick and I continue to discuss the small amount of information available for the Solo movie. Last week we got an official plot synopsis of the film, but in reality it was just two long sentences providing a very generic plot description that any Star Wars fan could have penned. We talk about how generic the synopsis is, as well as offering up our concerns over the film’s lack of official promotions just four months from the film’s release. It really does feel like Disney and Lucasfilm are hiding this movie with the hope that fans will forget it, but that’s a futile effort considering the massive fandom surround the franchise, and the titular character in general. It truly is mind boggling what has happened with this movie, but for now we shall hold out hope, because Disney hasn’t given us a reason to not trust its handling of the Star Wars saga yet.

We continue the Solo discussion with a report from an actress who worked on the film with all of its Directors in which she describes what it was like to have Ron Howard take over the production. She more or less said that his arrival was similar to a rock star showing up at a concert, and that everyone involved appreciated his experience and directorial abilities, so it sounded like Howard did what he was hired to do when he was brought on very late in production. She also made it sound like there will still be a bunch of Lord and Miller’s scenes in the final film, so it’ll be interesting to see if Solo suffers from the Justice League effect thanks to its multiple directors and people tweaking the story.

After we wrap lamenting the Solo movie we talk about an interview with Liam Neeson in which he said he would be open to reprising his role of Qui-Gon Jinn if asked. Now this all hinges on the Kenobi film being officially announced and the writers including Jinn in the screenplay, but Neeson said he’d be on board if asked. This led us down a rabbit hole about the prequels and how they destroyed the character of Darth Vader, which I have major issues with and contend that ROTS is the worst film because of how horribly Anakin’s fall was handled. What a travesty, either way we air some grievances over the prequels, which seems to be a staple in every episode of Star Wars Time at this point.

Finally, we talk about Rian Johnson’s week, which saw him defending his choices as a writer and director of The Last Jedi, as well as opening up a bit on the setting of his new trilogy. This week Johnson highlighted to users on social media that Force projections were first established in a Star Wars book from 2010, which is now considered to be a “Legend”. To us it shows that all the hate has finally broken the man a bit, and we do feel bad that he has been reduced to explaining his artistic choices to trolls on social media. In regards to his new trilogy, he offered up the notion that it will be set in a place and time in the galaxy that fans have never seen or heard about before, so we speculate what that could mean for the trilogy’s setting.

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