Star Wars Uncut Project Showcases the Power of Creativity and Fandom

I’m am ashamed of myself for not learning about this until now, but the Star Wars Uncut project may be the defining moment in fan made Star Wars fiction.  The Star Wars Uncut project tasked fans with taking 15 second snippets of ‘A New Hope’ and re-creating it in anyway they could dream up.  The SWU team would then choose the best fan made versions of each 15 second clip and then compile it into the overall picture, which is essentially the entire movie as seen from the creative perspective of the fans.

This new Franken-version of the movie remains loyal to Lucas’s masterpiece, but it does it in a way that only the Internet could provide.  Each 15 second scene is unique from the next, with each creator’s artistic style varying between the clips.  You could be watching a scene done in Legos only to have it transition to the next scene, which is using action figures a la Robot Chicken.  Those are just 2 examples of the styles you’ll see in the Star Wars Uncut Project.  You’ll also encounter live-action remakes, cartoons, and many more artistic styles as envisioned by the massive fan base of the Star Wars franchise.

The full ‘Star Wars Uncut’ movie is on Vimeo for everyone to see, as well as on this site below.  I’m also including the Trailer and a 5 minute section of the movie for those of you who don’t have a couple of hours to waste in front of your computer.  I can promise you that I’ll be watching the full version via my Google TV sometime this week, as long as it’s not blocked by Vimeo.  This is just another amazing example of the power of the force in regards to its effects on modern Pop Culture and beyond.  I suggest you read the full article about the Star Wars Uncut project by using the Via link below.  It’s a great story of collaboration and passion for one of the most influential pieces of art to come out in the last 100 years.  You’ve decided that you too need to watch the full version of ‘Star Wars Uncut’ on the big screen…

‘Star Wars Uncut’ Trailer



“The Escape”



‘Star Wars Uncut’ Full Movie

(Follow this link as its private, and make sure you have a copy of the soundtrack ready because the music is copyrighted.)


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