Star Wars: Underworld May be the Name of the Lucas’ Live Action TV Series

While doing some press for the upcoming Red Tails movie, Rick McCallum, Lucas’ executive producer on that film as well as the Star Wars prequels, let loose the working title for their live action Star Wars TV show that still hasn’t found a home.  It is…….wait for it…..Star Wars: Underworld (Duh! It’s in the title of this post)! Ta-da (Win 98 success tone playing in my head)!  Supposedly they already have 50 scripts in the can for this show that isn’t even a show yet, but I guess the main reason for it not getting green lit is the fact that Lucasfilm can’t produce the show economically for TV.

I call BS!  If they really want to air the show then have Lucas clean out his pockets on laundry day where he’ll surely find billions of dollars made from die hard Star Wars fans like myself.  Oh well, considering how not awesome the last live action Star Wars movies were I’m not sure if I’d care to watch a live action SW TV show anyway.  If you’re curious about more of the details in regards to Star Wars: Underworld you can watch the McCallum interview below.  You’ve been thinking this could be a Star Wars mafia show from the way it’s titled…

What Will the Star Wars Live Action TV Show Be Called?

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