StarCraft 2: Play Whispers Of Oblivion Prologue Now!

Now available for digital and physical pre-order, StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void has quite the incentive to pull the trigger. Anyone who pre-purchases the game will instantly obtain all three Whispers Of Oblivion prologue missions, giving players control of Zeratul, the Dark Templar.

Blizzard’s newest expansion to the iconic Real-Time Strategy game concludes a story 17 years in the making, inherently building anticipation from the announcement alone. The prologue preview above presents the story in a gripping way – even those who haven’t played the previous entries can find attraction to it.

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void is slated to release this winter, so the opportunity to have playable content in the meantime is an incredibly persuasive argument to pre-purchase the game. All digital pre-orders (and select retailers) will also grant gamers access to Legacy of the Void‘s ongoing beta test, furthering the game’s enticing pre-purchase perks.

Playing past games from the franchise will help to understand the lore; however, this is a standalone game. If this is the only one in the series peaking your interest, there’s no unnecessary purchases to deter you from getting your hands on it.

You can snag your Standard or Digital Deluxe Edition copy (and subsequently play Whispers of Oblivion immediately) here.


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