Starcraft II Finally Gets a Street Date!

Starcraft is one of the most famous RTS games ever made.  In Korea they have stadiums that showcase Starcraft tournaments, which are still being played today.  I say still, because the original Starcraft came out in 1998!  Talk about having some legs.  Can you remember any game from the 90’s that is still relevant?  I doubt it, so it goes to show you how popular this game is with its fan base.

Anyway, the long awaited sequel to Blizzard’s hit will drop on July 27, 2010.  I guess 12 years for a sequel to appear isn’t that bad, is it?  Starcraft II will be a 3-part release with the first entry, “Wings of Liberty” dropping in July.  This installment will focus on the Terrans, which are the human faction in the game, and the same race as that convict in the video at the bottom of this piece.

The Zerg and Protoss factions will get their own titles in the series as sequels to “Wings of Liberty”.  “Legacy of the Void” and “Heart of the Swarm” will follow the Terran campaign, and hopefully for Starcraft fans they won’t take 12 years to make.  Without going into the whole story of Starcraft just trust me that the Zerg are like the movie Aliens, the Protoss are like the smart aliens who built the pyramids, and the Terrans are your typical futuristic human race.  They all fight each other, which is the basis for the game.

If you’re a Real Time Strategy fan, and haven’t played Starcraft you’re missing out.  People are still playing a 12 year-old game for a reason.  Pick up your copy today and get ready for the sequel.  You may have to buy a new PC to run it because the graphics look intense, but it may be worth it.  Check out the extended trailer below.  You’ve been sold on another sequel…


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