Iceberg Interactive have just released details on StarDrive 2, by Portland, Oregon-based developer Zero Sum Games. StarDrive 2 will be a 4X strategy game that features ship building, planet building, real-time space battles, and turn-based ground battles. You can hire heroes, control fleets, and build a galactic empire with a custom built race. StarDrive 2 sounds similar to the Galactic Civilizations series, but with added depth with the various combat levels available to the player.

StarDrive 2 is set for an April 9th, 2015 release date, and will be priced at $29,99. Zero Sum Games also wants to assure fans that the game has “gone through extensive quality assurance”, and that they are dedicated to polishing, bug-fixing and implementing Steam features to perhaps out-do their attempt on the original StarDrive, which was released in 2013.

Check out some of the released in-game screenshots below.

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