Starkiller Gets His Force Cave On With Yoda in Gamescon Trailer

A new trailer debuted at Gamesocn for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.  Any Star Wars geek will instantly recognize the familiar force cave that young Luke fought himself as Vader, in “The Empire Strikes Back”.  It seems Starkiller will also face his darkest fear in the cave at the urgings of Yoda.  Yoda even acts like the crazy old green midget from TESB.  I guess this is when he started losing his marbles, which we get to see in full force when Luke first meets him and he fights R2-D2 for a flashlight.

I must say this scene looks amazing.  Yeah it’s a cut scene, but my God does it look very well polished.  This trailer also solidifies that Starkiller makes a stop on Dagobah to get some guidance from the baddest a*s Jedi in the Galaxy.  Yoda is such a pimp considering he first showed up in the Star Wars Universe as a puppet with some dudes arm up his a*shole!  We’re a little over 2 months away before we can see how this scene between Yoda and Starkiller plays out.  I’m starting to get a Star Wars boner!  Check out the Gamescon Yoda trailer below.  You’ve been learned Yoda style…


For sh*ts and giggles here’s a new Dev diary on The Force Unleashed II


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