Iceberg Interactive and Little Green Men Games trading and combat space sim Starpoint Gemini 2 has just launched its first DLC called ‘Secrets Of Aethera’.

The DLC will allow players who are brave enough to traverse the treacherous Aethera nebula, and discover the story behind the mysterious Keplar Station that lies within. This new content pack will feature new storylines which include new voiceovers, a new modifiable special weapons system, new ships, a new freelance mission and global event, and also new side missions and bounty hunters to take down.

For those who are interested in playing this new downloadable content for the immersive and atmospheric Starpoint Gemini 2, you can purchase it on Steam now for $4.99. The base game itself is currently 50% off at $17.50, which is also having a major update which adds more to the game, such as side missions, a global event, gameplay tweaks and bug fixes.

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