State of Decay 2’s 4th Of July Update Brings Firepower

Depending on who you ask, bringing something this exciting and goofy to State of Decay 2 now might be too little too late. I’m optimistic in that I think that they could really have something going here if they keep adding updates like this to the game. Introduce some kind of arcade mode that’s got nothing but these goofy firework weapons (and other, future additional weapons).

The game already has no story going for it and a complete lack of feeling of dread or seriousness to it. Survivors are whiny at best, and the game itself isn’t really all that difficult, they might as well try adding a mode that goes the complete and total other way! Of course, that might just be my wishful thinking after seeing the trailer for this update, but I’ll definitely go back and check this out.

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Nathaniel Smyth

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