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This year’s summer blockbuster season is over, but there is plenty left in the comic book movie tank for upcoming years. Check out the helpful infographic from IGN that has the current dates and titles for the upcoming Marvel and DC cinematic adventures.

As evidenced, the DC cinematic universe looks to largely hinge on the success of their upcoming epic Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which leaves nothing else set in stone on their end except for the dates. With Marvel’s somewhat unexpected success of Guardians of the Galaxy they can put forward their contingency plan they (ostensibly) had in place if Guardians had succeeded. While the only real new addition from Marvel Studios is the Guardians sequel, Sony has been sowing the seeds for their Spidey spinoffs with The Sinister Six and the Symbiote spinoff Venom Carnage. There is also the female lead Spidey spinoff which would need some help in The Sinister Six as the only living female character mildly established in their current universe is Felicia Hardy (Black Cat).

All told, there are 20 planned Marvel flicks and 10 for DC through 2020. Sony, Marvel, Warner Bros, and Fox are trying to get their money’s worth of superhero films while they’re still en vogue. Plus there is still plenty of time to add even more dates for the big two.

Infographic via IGN

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