Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark was a massive hit with virtually every gamer who got their hands on it, and Stealth Inc 2 looks to improve on the successful formula of its predecessor even more. Gone are the cumbersome menus preventing smooth access to test chambers and such, and in with an open-world 2D exploratory system.

Stealth Inc 2 will allow the player to explore the world at their own pace, unlocking gadgets and other items on the way. With this new system, players will be able to explore a dark and mysterious world in any way they want, while still progressing through Stealth Inc 2‘s story. Curve Studios claim in the above video that Stealth Inc 2 will be around twice the size of the first game, and so players should expect plenty of bang for their buck.

Expect more on the Wii U exclusive stealth-em-up as its end of year release draws ever closer.


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