Steam sales are not something you would consider rare. They come up all the time, and when you see that game you have been eyeing up for so long go on sale, it becomes pretty difficult to decide whether or not the title is worth your hard earned cash. Well here we welcome you to Entertainment Buddha’s new series of posts that will offer you at least one title that deserves your attention whilst it’s on a sale. As the Summer Sale is currently going on, it seems silly to offer up just one title per week, so a post will be done for a game based on whether it deserves one or not. Unfortunately some gems have slipped through our fingers already, but an encore sale would be no strange move for Steam, so keep an eye open for the steals of the summer!

Please bare in mind some of these sales will alter every 8 hours and so the title being discussed may have had an alteration in its price since said discussion. And most importantly, the majority of these ‘quick looks’ will be done for incomplete games (meant in more ways than one), but will offer a brief glimpse at my own experience with them, and if they should warrant a purchase. Your initial thought process may be, Owen, Seriously? Early access? Well, here me out. Early Access is not always a bad thing; when the developers do it and do it right, it can be beautiful.

So many crafting/survival horror/Zombie games are available right now, that it is becoming increasingly difficult to sift through the garbage and find the gems currently battling through Early Access development. As I am an avid player of games with responsibilities, my play time for games of this nature will never be too high. With that being said, I have sunk a lot of time into 7 Days to Die, and as such have really enjoyed my time despite a few bugs here and there.

It starts off like any other crafting game; you have nothing and have to find everything. Depending on where you spawn on the map and how close you are to a searchable object, greatly alters your chances of survival. For example, you may find yourself in a wasteland with nothing but dead trees and grey vistas to accompany you. Alternatively, luck may be on your side and you could spawn next to a rusty old car that just happens to be packing a shotgun.

Just one of the epic sieges that took place on a meet up.
Just one of the epic sieges that took place on a meet up.

7 Days to Die is not just another Minecraft clone either, it goes as AAA as an indie game can with frequent updates and a focus on looking good from a voxel based point of view. Sure it’s not the prettiest of games, but it does not need to be considering how much fun the gameplay is.

Before starting a game you are able to fully set the parameters how you wish, be that with more Zombies, deadlier Zombies (as if they were not hard enough), or even how long the day and night lasts. There are many more settings including a creative mode of sorts for messing about in your world too.

The area where 7 Days shines however, is multiplayer, because without it, the game is not half as much fun. Here survival becomes ever more tense as a new layer of strategy is added for every player involved. Do you crash through the door or build your way to the top in stealth? These are questions that will always be on your mind while playing the game’s multiplayer mode.

My time with 7 Days to Die has been fantastic so far, and is only improving as more and more updates come flushing through. The game was originally a Kickstarter hit, which has since become a hit on Steam, so those goals left unfulfilled by crowd funding may well come into fruition due to the game’s popularity. These consist of more animals, seasonal weather effects as well as vehicles! As you can imagine, these open up the game greatly, and are some ambitious feats, but are certainly not out of reach.

It's not much, but it's home.
It’s not much, but it’s home.

Once you nail the fundamentals of 7 Days to Die, the game really starts to throw things at you in terms of what you can craft and how you go about it. There are a huge amount of things to make even in its Alpha state, so you never really find yourself wondering what to do. 7 Days to Die is absolutely worth its current price, let alone its sale one, and you should definitely jump on board for this Zombie craft-em-up, but just make sure you bring a friend.

7 Days to Die (Early Access) – Steam


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