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Today’s Steam sale recommendation is one starring violence and death, and lots of sharp weapons. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a game which spawned from humble beginnings thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. People apparently love the thought of slaughtering others as violently as possible, and so the crowd funding amassed the required dollars to produce the title. To be precise the title raised $85,934, and only beat the target by $35,000. If there is one Kickstarter game that lived up to its original goal, Chivalry is that game.

Chivalry is in the top 100 games played in the last 48 hours and has a huge fan base, because Torn Banner Studios has achieved greatness with the title. The first time you boot up Chivalry you have the option of playing in a training scenario where you simply learn the basics, or you can jump straight into the online portion. Training is pretty simple and nothing special, but it serves well to introduce you to the game’s (at first) complicated mechanics. After playing around with the training mode, you are very unlikely to return.

Some sections just look jaw droppingly good.
Some sections just look jaw droppingly good.

Multiplayer however is an entirely different beast. With a large amount of maps (even more if you play around with the Steam Workshop), it is very improbable that boredom will kick in. Especially when you also consider the game’s 7 exciting different modes. The modes which I am no stranger to are Duel, Team Deathmatch and Team Objective. The latter of which can be a lot of fun, and includes sieging a castle to get to its king who happens to be protected by dozens of players all donning various weapons and attributes. This mode is a massive thrill and can be a seriously exhilarating experience. The same goes for a one on one Duel matches. Most people find that one vs one is not always the greatest experience, but with Chivalry it can be breathtaking. It’s great fun being able to murder dozens of people at a time, but being able to prove your worth in an arena makes you feel like a damn God.

For an Unreal Engine 3 game Chivalry looks bloody gorgeous, the colors it uses pop, so the whole game is a sight to behold. There has been more than one occasion I have wanted to take a screenshot of a battle going on only to fail because someone has tried to chop my head off.

Did I forget that part? Yes, Chivalry totally has major dismemberment, and it’s disgusting. Seeing as bodies stay (depending on your video settings) after you have slain the player, you are free to chop people up into tiny pieces. I do not actually remember the last time someone left my dead virtual body alone and chose not to cut off just a tiny bit. It becomes quite a core feature, and in battles especially you will certainly find yourself aiming for an enemy’s limbs.

Parrying an enemy is one hell of a satisfying experience.

Chivalry also has a welcome array of settings that let you customize the game graphically to how ever much your system is able to take. For me, most settings are on high but the body count is at 30, which is more than enough bodies to see scattered around a battlefield anyway. Blood decals can also be changed, both of these options greatly alter performance so bear that in mind when cranking them up.

The title also has an expansion called Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior. In my eyes it’s not quite as great as the base game, but Deadliest Warrior is still a fantastic expansion and so I cannot not recommend it, particularly since it has also been greatly discounted. For those worrying about a lack of players on the servers, rest easy. Deadliest Warrior is just as popular as the base game, below is a teaser showing each of the classes you can play as, each of them offer up a very different experience.

With 5 very different classes, Deadliest Warrior can be chaotic.
With 5 very different classes, Deadliest Warrior can be total chaos.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a complete bargain at whatever price you acquire it at, and you should feel awful for simply just considering the purchase. Providing you have the time to sink into it, Chivalry can whisk hours away seemingly in seconds, so just buy it.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will be available for $4.99 and Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior will be available for $2.99 until ~1pm EST on the 30th.


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