If like me, you love the premise of a good horror title, and you find yourself wanting to play it alone but cannot, then Outlast is without a doubt for you. No, I have not finished Outlast, and if I ever do manage it; then it will be across several years in broad daylight, because simply put, Outlast scares the living crap out of me.


Outlast sets its horrific tone very early on, and you quickly realize just how much trouble you are in. It becomes very clear that your only weapon is your mind, and your only guide is a night-vision camcorder with a limited supply of power. The first task of getting in the Asylum is a simple one, but this simplicity only served to increase my paranoia as I had horrific thoughts as to what I should expect. Eventually, you find yourself in the mansion-like place, and meeting all kinds of lovely half dead people as well as the Asylum’s ever so friendly occupants.

Outlast really makes your adrenaline pump, but if you cannot handle jump scares and the thought of being chased and hunted constantly, then it’s a difficult gaming experience to recommend.


Seeing as I never actually finished the title out of pure fear, that tells me Outlast has done everything right. Either that, or I am a complete pussy. Considering that the parts in Crash Bandicoot where you run from the Boulder absolutely terrified me, I guess I really am a wuss, so take from that what you will.

It is highly likely my adventures in Outlast are not over though, as I just love scaring myself. It’s a thrill few games are able to replicate, and one that you may find yourself craving. Being so involved within the storyline and having so little defense really makes you consider your next move, besides this, timing is everything. If an inmate is wandering the corridors it’s best to wait for a moment to advance and not just crash out, else you are pretty much certifying your death. These guys do not want a cup of tea and a biscuit with their reporter, they take you raw.

Understand that Outlast is 100% not for the lighthearted, and has most certainly earned it’s M rating. Is it actually worth the sale price though? So many horror titles have been released lately, and Outlast deserves to be at the top of the list when it comes to just how scary it actually is. You will shake, you will cower, and you will talk to real people to make you forget about the nasty nasty game world you just experienced. From the short time I have played, if you want something to majorly (excuse my french) fuck you up, then Outlast is the game for you.

You can still purchase it for just $4.99 until tomorrow, so head over to Outlast’s Steam page to add it to your cart.


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